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We provide top-notch

vehicle tracking solutions

Our company offers an extensive range of GPS tracking devices and other solutions required by transportation companies and other organizations to make sure their drivers follow the set route. We do not only offer GPS tracking systems, but also sell licenses for our products and technologies to be integrated into products of other companies.

GPS Tracking Systems

control over your vehicles

GPS tracking key pro

The GPS Tracking Key Pro is our newest passive GPS tracker. With battery life up to 40 days and no monthly fees, it monitors detailed vehicle's activity. It’s a perfect GPS tracking system for all kinds of vehicle tracking.

GPS tracking key

The GPS Tracking Key is a pocket-sized device that locates within 2.5 meters and records movement every second. Ideal GPS tracking system for all kinds of vehicle tracking that are widespread.

GPS tracking key pro

The 3100-INT features an internal antenna, external power source option; records driving activity in detail. Battery life up to 90 days, the longest lasting gps tracker on the market. Ideal GPS tracker for vehicle tracking.

Complete fleet

management solution

Competition within the transport business is high and oil prices are still rising. The solution for profitability is to know how everything works, to drive more efficiently than the competition. GPS Vehicle Tracking System offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for professionals in the efficiency of freight transport by fleet monitoring and tracking