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LocatePLUS is the best telematics platform that provides not just GPS, real-time location data but conditional data, analytics, advance reporting and AI-based smart tracking.


Why Choose LocatePLUS

LocatePLUS can help your business grow by empowering you to make rational decisions based on the most accurate and reliable data provided by our telematics platform. Right on your palm, you can view and manage your fleet, ensure road safety of your assets on roads and optimize fuel consumption. Leaders in fleet operators are choosing LocatePLUS because:

Power in Your Palm

Get your mobile and access all the information in just seconds and stay aware of your business and assets.

Enhance Fleet Safety

Keep checks at speed and routes and ensure the safety of your fleet & drivers & get auto alerts.

Optimize Your Savings

Monitoring and analyzing data enables you to track the performance of your vehicle and save fuel.

Improve Performance

Quick and timely access to reliable data improves your ability to make rational business decisions.

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Benefits of Fleet Management

Most road accidents are to be blamed on human error; thus, vehicle and driver safety cannot be compromised. Identifying risky driver behaviour and taking corrective action to improve safety levels is paramount, given that over 70% of motor collisions have human error to blame.

Our driver behavior monitoring service ensures that the fleet owner/ manager can:

  • Develop tailor-made safety solutions for his fleet drivers
  • Identify and correct poor driving behavior (e.g. not wearing seat belts etc.) through target driver training
  • Monitor drivers past and current adherence to road safety measures
  • Monitor drivers in relation to past performance

Why Are We Trusted?

LocatePLUS is in the business for the last seven years, and we have been the pioneers in the industry of fleet management services providers. We have earned the trust of our prestigious clients during the time by providing the top-notch tracking, monitoring, management and telematics data and services.


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4 Steps to Success

LocatePLUS isn’t just a platform to connect and monitor your fleet, but it’s a key and a gateway to go deeper in your business. It helps you get information which was never available to any businessman. You can take a step ahead of your competitors by getting connected to LocatePLUS. We provide you with the information that may help in better management of your fleet management. The data we offer will not just help in management but will help you in optimizing the way your business functions and you will stand tall above your competitors.

You’re just four steps away from the success of your business:

Step 1: Get Connected to LocatePLUS and start getting the telematics data that you need to manage and grow business.

Step 2: Communicate better than ever before using our LocatePLUS platform and let business perform.

Step 3: Analyze the performance using the data and reports you get and track performance, safety and savings.

Step 4: Grow by improving and improvising your business functions and open the doors to success in your business.

Big Data Demands Big Security

Do you know LocatePLUS is an ISO 27001 Certified Company?

This certification ensures that we observe and meet the highest data security and privacy standards narrated in EU Data Security & Standards. Yours and your company data are safe and secure with us, and we take good care of the privacy of your data. We understand how crucial is the data for the growth and survival of your business, and we ensure the confidentiality of the data and information. We also ensure that the data we collect is fair and clean from any discrepancy or corruption.  And we also make sure that you have access to your information anytime you need during the services.

Connect with LocatePLUS

You can connect to our experts anytime you have any question or query. We would love to respond to you at our earliest.

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